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For Amazing Wedding Photography Melbourne Trusts

Melbourne's Trusted Choice for Incredible Wedding Photography

For couples tying the knot, there’s one wedding photography in Melbourne you should seek out: ATEIA Photography & Video. More than just providing you with amazing wedding photography Melbourne trusts, ATEIA offers great video and virtual reality services as well. Our wedding photographers have professionally documented innumerable weddings throughout the years and word of their amazing work has spread among soon-to-be married couples. Just take a look at our more than 500 stellar reviews online. They’re all a testimony of the kind of service we can deliver to you.

From start to finish, the genuineness and spontaneity of the ceremony are captured by our team of skilled photographers and videographers. This allows you to relive the moments of expectation, excitement, and delight. We will help you make the occasion truly memorable with our expertise honed by covering countless wedding ceremonies, skilfully freezing in time moments where raw emotions are on display, truly tugging at your hearts. Fall in love over and over as you watch the expertly edited wedding video showcasing the highlights of the ceremony. This is what has made us the preferred wedding photography and video service of many couples in Melbourne and surrounds.

Immortalising Your Love Story

A wedding is the culmination of a couple’s relationship, showing that they have emerged triumphantly after weathering many situations where they relied on each other’s support and presence. It should therefore be well told by not just any ordinary photographer and videographer. You will need the experienced hand of artists such as the ones we have at ATEIA Photography & Video. You’d want a team of creative professionals to immortalise your love story in dramatic photographs and a well-crafted video presentation of the proceedings. We know how these moments count and that they will never come again. These are the moments we live for and look for. And they’re all framed in shots that are stunning and cinematic.

That is why we take pride in our team of creative photographers and videographers. They’re all very knowledgeable at composition, where the subject of the camera is made the focal point of the entire scene by placing all the visual components in a certain way that the finished image leaves the spectator in awe of its grandeur. This kind of cinematic treatment can only come from years of experience. You’ll be glad to know that we have more than a decade of perfecting our craft. It allows us to deliver compelling storytelling through photography and video which you can revisit time and again.

We Are ATEIA Photography & Video

ATEIA Photography & Video is Australia's most reputable professional wedding photography and video services company. It is ranked #1 by the country's top wedding marketplace, Easy Weddings. The studio has won over many couples looking for the best storyteller to translate their love story into photography and video that captures the ceremony dramatically and engagingly. We believe that weddings should be as authentic as possible. We are known for capturing images that show natural emotions and reactions on camera, from lingering looks and genuine laughter to grand displays of affection. It is what you will get when you have ATEIA for your wedding photography in Melbourne.

With us, you will have the best talent, expertise, and experience working for you. We will take care of the smallest details so you can focus on the ceremony itself. Our professional staff of photographers and videographers are very friendly and accommodating, readily giving tips and guidance to capture that dramatic shot and breathtaking angles. We have packages that are flexible and affordable, even allowing you to create your package. Give us a call on 1300 558 446 and let us know how we can help you craft your wedding story.