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VR Photo Booth For Weddings

The advent of VR technology has taken the world by storm. And it now has taken a strong hold on VR Photo Booth For Weddings. That’s why ATEIA now offers something novel to you, our beloved clients—VR Experience Service. Virtual Reality is the new wedding trend in Australia where many newlyweds are providing VR entertainment to their guests. Some are even choosing to have VR zones over photo booths.

Entertaining your guests with unlimited virtual reality experiences truly levels up the occasion. Everyone will surely have a great time with ATEIA’s selection of VR adventures which are age-appropriate. Experience the speed of simulated car driving, the excitement of sparring with a boxing opponent, the thrill of the rush as your rollercoaster plunges down the hill, and many more! What makes this VR Experience a great thing to have at your wedding reception is you can capture this on video or photos or have it set up inside the reception area where everyone can watch and have a great time.

The VR Package

ATEIA offers two (2) packages for the VR Experience that are both time-bound: a 3-hour or a 4-hour experience. Both packages include the following:

o Four virtual reality headsets for guests to enjoy. This means your guests will have different VR adventures of their choice!

o Set up of a dedicated virtual reality experience zone at your wedding reception. Instead of a photo booth, the VR zone is an area where your guests can hang out and use the VR headset.

o A friendly virtual reality host to guide and assist guests throughout the experiences. Our friendly VR host will help your guests with the setup and provide them with directions so that they can fully enjoy their VR adventures.

o Unlimited experiences to entertain your guests. VR experiences provide different feels for each headset user. This opens a lot of avenues of emotions that are definitely camera-worthy.

We can also provide additional virtual reality headsets for a minimal fee. Also note that there’s a travel surcharge to areas exceeding 20km which is fixed per km. Ask us about our packages for our VR Experience.

VR Photo Booth For Weddings, VR Photo Booth For Weddings
VR Photo Booth For Weddings, VR Photo Booth For Weddings


ATEIA is your professional wedding photography and videography studio, ranked No. 1 by Australia’s premier wedding marketplace, Easy Weddings. We take pride in producing spectacular and cinematic photos and videos that have cemented our reputation as the preferred studio by many couples in Melbourne and surrounds.

With over 500 weddings covered and counting, ATEIA has a crew of creative photographers and videographers whose skills have been sharpened to perfection, providing you with breathtaking photos that are high quality and dramatic. More than that, we strive to offer you new VR Photo Booth For Weddings.

We’re more than happy to help you tell your wedding story through photos and moving pictures. Check out our great wedding packages which are not as expensive as you think. You can even come up with your own wedding package or consider our ‘Book Now and Pay Later’ plan! Give us a call to know more about our VR Experience, as well as our other wedding packages. Call 1300 558 446 today!