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Candid Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Candid Wedding Photography in Melbourne

At ATEIA Photography & Video, we believe that when you look back on your wedding photos, they should transport you back to reliving your special day. Having been the photographers of choice for many Melbourne weddings for almost a decade, we have discovered that the most striking images are usually those that are authentic and real. If you are looking for candid wedding photography for your Melbourne wedding, turn to ATEIA Photography & Video.

What is candid wedding photography?

Candid photography is an extremely popular style that involves the professional photographer capturing those important and intimate moments without interrupting the unfolding of the day’s events.

Rather than posed or highly styled shots, our candid wedding photographers take spontaneous pictures of people, décor and action that happens in the moment. With our many years of experience and discerning eyes, we’ll choose your best angles and backgrounds to make sure everything looks its absolute best. The result is beautiful, natural and laidback images with poses that don’t feel forced.

Our approach

If you’ve never been professionally photographed before, it can feel a little daunting. We like to use a unique approach when it comes to our wedding photography style, incorporating candid with modernity. You can trust that our team will be there to make you feel most comfortable. That’s part of our job as professionals. We’ll help you feel relaxed and at ease in front of our cameras by making casual conversations and sharing funny anecdotes. We may give you little nudges to guide you in making a scene look stronger, such as arranging the family members or bridal party in a portrait or moving you to where the lighting is better for the shot.

During the ceremony, we’ll effortlessly blend into the background, working to capture your best angles and all the important parts, such as the ring exchange and first kiss. At the reception, we’ll get all the classic shots, like the cake cutting, speeches, and the first dance. You may not notice our presence, but we’ll be there to capture every genuine expression that you and your partner exchange, as well as your guests. We also offer wedding videography in Melbourne to complement your photos.

Ask us about our wedding photography packages

ATEIA Photography & Video is more than just our images: we are storytellers. Allow us to capture your special day using wedding photography and videography that tells your unique love for generations to come. With almost 10 years of experience in being a part of many weddings, engagements and other special events across Melbourne, we have what it takes to create memories to last a lifetime.

  • Ask us about our wedding photography packages

    Please view our wedding and engagement photography packages online, where you can find prices for our services. Alternatively, you are free to contact us on 1300 558 446 for a custom quote. We look forward to meeting you and sharing your special day.